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Tax Credit & Scholarship

Have Illinois Pay your Tuition to Aqsa School. Find Out How!


Assalamu Alaikum Aqsa Families and Friends,

Illinois passed a comprehensive education funding bill in August 2017. The law allows for tax credit scholarships for Illinois students. Qualifying Aqsa students will have the opportunity to receive scholarships through the state of Illinois to attend Aqsa School with a paid scholarship if they meet the eligibility and application deadline. The deadline with Empower Illinois is January 24, 2018.  But we must start the preparation process immediately!

The tax credit also includes an opportunity for donors. Aqsa school friends and families can become a donor and receive a 75% state tax credit on their scholarship donation to Aqsa school. Donors can register for a Letter ID as soon as possible and beginning donating January 2, 2018 with


Applying for an IL Tax Credit Scholarship

Step 1:

  • Schedule an appointment to meet with an Aqsa staff member.
  • Bring your 2016 taxes, child’s birth certificate or passport, an IL ID or Drivers License. We will scan these items for you to get ready for the January .
  • The scholarship money will go fast and its first come, first served. So let’s get in the paperwork now.

Step 2:

  •  Complete the online application with Empower Illinois ( on January 24th.
  •  The application will ask you info from your 2016 taxes, a copy of the student’s birth certificate and your own information such as your IL Driver’s License.

You can submit your materials to Aqsa School if you would like the admin to complete the application for you. Submit you material by December 21 to Aqsa School to prepare your files for you. We will also have computers set up on Wednesday, January 24th for submitting your application. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND GIVING AQSA SCHOOL YOUR DOCUMENTS BY DECAEMBER 21ST SO WE CAN GET YOUR APPLICATION IN AS SOON AS THE WINDOW OPENS.

Do you want to donate and get a tax credit?

 Do know someone who would want to give their tax $ to benefit Aqsa School instead of the state? Tell them to register as a donor today.

Step 1: Donate to an IL Tax Credit Scholarship

  • Request a Letter ID from
  • You will need your social security number, and a form of ID such as a Drivers License or IL State ID

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

  • Donate to an SGO (Empower Illinois)
  • Designate the donation to Aqsa School

For more information, please email or call Aqsa School at (708) 598- 2700. You can also visit our website for donations and scholarships.