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Technology Initiative

Aqsa School is adopting a new technology initiative next year where students are able to increase their use of school approved and supervised technology for learning purposes. It is important that you and your child prepare for this change.


Chromebooks, Equipment and iPads

The best way to prepare is to review what technology items are required to be purchased and read over the rules and expectations for technology. Rules and expectations include information about Chromebook replacement costs for damaged or lost Chromebooks issued to your child and digital citizenship responsibilities we hold each student accountable for during the school year (see student handbook).

School Rules

It has always been a practice at Aqsa School to prohibit students from using ANY electronic devices in the school hallway, classroom, MPR and on field trips (unless teacher permits) during the school day. Electronic devices can be considered as, but not excluded to; cell phones, headphones, ipads, ipods/other music devices and hand-held games, tablets, laptops etc. Students are required to put all electronics away when entering the school until they are dismissed at the end of the school day. Please remind your child of these guidelines.

Recommended Chromebook Case for Purchase: Available on Amazon. 

(Should include a zipper section for battery and be black or blue).

Aqsa School uses Acer and Lenovo Chromebooks and iPad 5 and above. Students are trained on Google Apps For Education (Slides, Spreadsheets, and Docs). 

Chromebook donations are welcome. Please drop off donations at the Aqsa School's main office. We are still in need of 30 more Chromebooks to meet our 1:1 goal.


Grade Level

Technology Needed


Kg - 2nd



School provides students an ipad during class using a shared cart. Student must purchase their own headphones.

3rd - 5th



School provides students during school hours an assigned Chromebook for individual use. Student must purchase their own headphones.  

6th, 7th, 8th and 9th  


Chromebook Protective Case


School assigns each student a Chromebook to be used at school and home. Students are required to purchase headphones and a Chromebook case. The replacement cost for damaged Chromebooks is $150.

10th and 11th


Chromebook Protective Case


School provides access to a shared cart of Chromebooks for at school use. Students bring their own laptop for use if approved by the Dean..


Laptop + Headphones

Students are required to bring their own laptop of choice to school for use. The laptop must be approved and registered with the Dean.