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Welcom to Aqsa Mothers' Club

Aqsa School Mothers' Club

Actively Striving to Motivate our Children


The Mothers’ Club is open to all parents of enrolled students.

We aim to be inclusive of all parents and guardians interested in supporting Aqsa School as volunteers, thought partners, and club members. During the year, monthly in-person meetings are open to mothers.

Monthly meeting notes and updates can be reviewed in our Mothers’ Club shared Google folder by members. We encourage and welcome all parents and guardians to get involved in Aqsa School events, town halls, meetings and volunteer opportunities.


  • Collaborate with  Aqsa school board, staff, and parents to meet our children's needs
  • Strengthen the relationship between the parents and the school
  • Demonstrate the value of parental involvement to support Aqsa families and community

 To contact us please call (708)-598-2700 or e-mail us at


Mothers’ Club Board (2017-2018)

Dr. Janelle Scharon (President)

Hanan Ayyad (Vice President)

Suhad Baste (Treasurer)

Rifka Ghouleh (Secretary)