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Our 2015-16 State-Scholars

Aqsa is Celebrating 30 Years
of Excellence in Islamic Education

 Aqsa School Teacher First Islamic School Educator to Receive Golden Apple Award

 Our 2016-17 State-Scholars

Laila El Amin Golden Apple Press Release



Aqsa School is a community made up of board members, parents, students, staff, and community members who are dedicated to providing a comprehensive education in an Islamic environment which is safe, orderly, and well-equipped to serve the needs of students from pre-school through high school with grades six through twelve being exclusively for girls. Aqsa takes a "whole child" approach by providing a school climate that constantly stimulates intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical growth guided by Islamic teaching and excellence in instruction. Each student is encouraged to develop a sense of responsibility for herself and others.

The school offers an educational program steeped in the basic principles of Islam, the Islamic codes of ethics and Islamic history. It also offers a full range of coursework at all levels, focusing on a college preparatory curriculum in the upper grades. Integrating learning with Islamic faith, each student is provided with the understanding necessary to mature. The curriculum is designed to help students develop concentration, creative thinking, critical ability and self discipline. It will prepare students for college and the rigors of higher learning. Students will learn to cultivate their intellect, develop the capacity for good moral judgment, and understand their cultural family heritage.



                 - Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) 
                 - North Central Association(NCA)


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