Another Successful Mock Hajj Performance by Elementary Department





Once again the elementary staff and students worked extremely hard for three weeks to put on a very educational and inspirational mock hajj performance. The mock hajj is one of the main annual events each year, and Aqsa students and staff are always excited to see the outcome of another year’s hard work.  The students put a lot of effort into making their own stations with appropriate information and visuals for each ritual of Hajj.

Parents, family members, Aqsa staff, and students filled the room for the annual mock hajj performance. The program was not only an educational experience for students, even parents commented on the fact that they were able to walk away with a more solid understanding of Hajj rituals.

The central goal of the program is to give the students a sense of responsibility while making it a fun learning experience both spiritually and practically. They get to work so hard on something, and then present their hard work to the people who love them most. At the same time, Hajj is a fundamental part of Islam, and the mock hajj experience is a method that will help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the importance of Hajj, and the rituals of performing Hajj.

The program continues to improve each year, and we look forward to seeing what they will develop for next year’s Mock Hajj experience.