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 Gold Slip
 Hallway Behavior
 Attention Behavior
 Prayer Behavior
 Lunchroom Behavior
 Classroom Behavior
 Gym Uniform
 Fieldtrip Attire
Gold Slip

We know that good character is what makes you a good person and a good Muslim. In order to reward good character, teachers will be continually looking to reward good behavior with a gold slip. Every time a staff member witnesses a good act or a kind gesture, that student will be rewarded with a gold slip. Students will be chosen from the gold slip box to receive rewards.

Hallway Behavior
  1. Students are to remain on the right side of the hallway and stairway.
  2. Students are not to stop and crowd the hallways.
  3. No student should be found in hallway after the second bell.
  4. There should be no running or excessive noise in the hallways.
  5. Students must have a hallway pass from a teacher if they are in the hallway during class time.
Attention Behavior

During assemblies, events and prayer, staff members may need to communicate with the students. AQSA students are expected to respond to a non-verbal cue when staff is seeking student attention. The signal will consist of a raised right hand with the index finger extended. This reminds us that Allah is One and when we see this signal we should remember Allah. Students are also expected to do the following:

  1. Stop whatever they are doing and look up.
  2. Immediately become quiet.
  3. Remain silent and look at the signaler.
  4. Return the signal as a reminder to themselves and others.
  5. Remain silent until the staff member has finished talking.
Prayer Behavior
  1. All students are to wear the Aqsa School hijab during the period before prayer and continue to wear it until prayer is dismissed.
  2.  All students are to attend prayer and be on time (tardiness or absence from prayer will result in serious consequences).
  3. Students are to remove their shoes and leave all belongings in the designated area before entering the prayer area 
  4.  All students are to sit quietly during the entirety of the prayer and sunnah. Disruptive behavior will result in a 20 minute prayer detention to be held on regular detention days
  5. All students are to arrive and leave quietly.
  6. All students are required to prayer if they are able to. Students who are not praying and are not excused will be documented and it will affect the religion grade.


Lunchroom Behavior

  • Good behavior is expected in the cafeteria, including the following guidelines: 
  •  Do not cut in line, everyone must wait his/her turn to be served lunch.
  • During lunchtime all students are to be in the multipurpose room only.
  • Do not leave the cafeteria during lunch time without the written per mission of the lunchroom supervisor. 
  • Do not throw food or other objects
  • All students must be seated at a lunch table with students from their grade level. (Under no circumstances any students eat on the carpet or the stage).
  •  Do not leave without cleaning up lunch tables and pushing in chairs.
  •  No food or drink is allowed outside the cafeteria ( eating in classrooms is not allowed)
  •  All students must wash for prayer (wudu) before leaving the lunch room
  • No students are allowed behind the serving tables or in the kitchen
Classroom Behavior

Students are expected to be:

  1. Respectful to their teachers.
  2. Respectful to their classmates.
  3. Attentive.
  4. Be mentally prepared for learning.
  5. Prepared with all learning materials and clear desks of any other items not related to that specific class
  6.  No food or drink (other than water) will be allowed in the classroom

***If a student loses their book, they must immediately notify the teacher. They will receive a

replacement book for up to 3 days. After this time if the book is not found, the student is

responsible for replacing it..

School Uniform
  • All students must wear their uniforms to school and from school.
  •  Uniform Jilbab (plain navy blue) and a scarf (navy blue or white) [If a student chooses a jilbab as her uni-form, it must be worn for the entire school year]
  • Uniform skirt with a long-sleeved, dark-green, knit shirt with the Aqsa School emblem.
  • Appropriate shoes: plain, closed-toe, closed back, all black, dark brown, dark blue dress shoes (no high heels or gym shoes)
  • Ankle socks or higher (white, black, navy blue, or dark green). No "no show" socks allowed.

  • V-necked Aqsa Sweater (navy blue or dark green, Aqsa Cardigan or Aqsa Fleece (Green shirt must be worn underneath these sweaters.

  • Underneath the skirt only leggings, tights, or slips are allowed. These must be solid black or dark blue.
  • EVERY FRIDAY, the Islamic day of congregation, students are to wear hijab with their uniform.
  • Students may wear the Spirit Wear sweatshirt every Monday. It is not necessary to wear the green uniform shirt under the sweatshirt. However, if a student chooses to not wear the green uniform shirt under the sweatshirt, she may not remove the sweatshirt to and from school or at any time during the school day.
  • During special occasions as indicated by the administration, students will be allowed to wear other Spirit Wear clothing. However, if the shirt being worn is short-sleeved, the student must wear a plain, long-sleeved white shirt underneath.
  • Long hair should be neatly tied back.

***If your uniform is damaged or written on, you must repair it immediately. Students will be asked to rent a uniform until their uniform is in wearable condition. If repairs are not made in a timely manner, students will receive a Level A Detention and repairs will be done by the Sewing Club advisor and assistants and the student will be charged a fee for the services. Students who come to school out of uniform must rent the missing uniform item from the school before she is admitted to class.

Gym Uniform
  1. Long sleeve gray t-shirt or sweatshirt w/Aqsa school logo.
  2. Navy blue jogging pants w/Aqsa school logo.
  3. Lace up Gym shoes.
  4. Gym uniform must be ordered from SchoolBells uniform company.
  5. 7763 S. Harlem Avenue Bridgeview, IL 60455 (708)598-8008
Fieldtrip Attire

EDUCATIONAL FIELDTRIPS: Educational fieldtrips are meant to enhance in-class learning. Therefore, they are seen as an extension of the curriculum and for such fieldtrips the school uniform is to be worn.

ALL SCHOOL CELEBRATORY/ COMMUNITY SERVICE FIELDTRIPS: These fieldtrips tend to be fun in nature with more physical activity involved or require hands-on work. Such fieldtrips necessitate that students be in comfortable and appropriate clothing.
In such situations, all students are required to dress in Islamically appropriate attire.

In the event that a student comes in attire that is not deemed Islamically appropriate by the Dean, she will be given a shirt or gym pants to wear, when available.  If not available, the student will not be able to attend the trip.

 This includes:

  1. Loose fitting, long sleeve shirts that completely cove.
  2. Shirts should be long enough to reach mid-thigh.
  3. Pants or shirts should be loose.