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STEM Summer Camp - Sunday, July 16, 2017

STEM Summer Camp - Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sit Hala is one of the Golden Apple Award Chicago land Finalists, Alhamdulillah. - Sunday, April 02, 2017

2015/16 End of Year News, Accomplishments, & Awards - Sunday, July 24, 2016

Regional Science Fair :10 of our Students Advanced to State. See the Full List - Sunday, March 13, 2016

Celebrating 30 years of Excellence in Islamic Education: Initiatives, Highlights and Achievements - Thursday, March 03, 2016

News Letter: November 2015 - Thursday, March 03, 2016

2014 End of Year News & Accomplishments - Tuesday, July 29, 2014

9 Projects Moved Forward to State Science Fair with 5 Receiving Gold and 3 Silver - Monday, June 02, 2014

Aqsa School Sent 19 Teams with 25 Total Students to Science Fair REGIONAL’S where there are over 500 participants and we had 11 OUTSTANDING with 9 of them moving on to STATE, and we had 8 receive 1st.

At STATE, with over 1500 participants, we sent 9 projects with 13 students and we received 5 GOLD’S, one of them being Best in Category, and 3 SILVER’S. 


Aqsa School Holds Seminar on How to Make the Most of the Summer Featuring Mr. Habeeb Quadri - Monday, June 02, 2014

Aqsa School's team wins an OPLET certificate in the Mathcounts competition. - Monday, June 02, 2014

 Aqsa School's team wins an OPLET certificate in the Mathcounts competition. This certificate allows the school to access their database of 12,500 problems, and create practice worksheets and flash cards. Mathcounts is an in-person math competition for junior high students across the United States. A student may participate as an individual or as a member of a team of four. It is for advanced students who are passionate about math and need the challenge of problem solving. Part of it is a ”bee-style” competition. Four of Aqsa School’s 7th graders formed the team and are eligible for scholarships in their senior year. (Hanna Ziyad, Shadin Zayyad, Sahrish Mirjat, Layan Abdelhadi)


Five of Aqsa’s Juniors and Seniors Participated and Won the First Level in the M3 Challenge - Monday, June 02, 2014

1,152 teams participated in this year's M3 Challenge. Five of Aqsa’s juniors and seniors participated and won the first level. They were in the top 17% of teams. The M3 Challenge is an online applied math competition for high school juniors and seniors. It requires the school's team to persevere for up to 14 hours in researching and building a model to acquire a solution for a real life problem. Winners get college scholarships. (Khadija Snowber, Sara Abdeljalil, Asiya Cummings, Amal Mir, Amal Syed)


15 Students are Semi Finalists, and One Finalist in the Letters About Literature Essay Competition - Monday, June 02, 2014

Aqsa School had 15 semi finalists and 1 finalist in the Letters about literature essay competition. It is an essay contest in which students write a letter directly to an author who greatly impacted their lives. Two years ago an Aqsa student won first place for the State of Illinois. 


Aqsa 7th Grader, Amatullah Mir, Places 2nd at the “You Be The Chemist” Competition - Monday, June 02, 2014

Aqsa 7th grader, Amatullah Mir, places 2nd at the “You Be The Chemist” competition out of thirty in the local challenge, and went on to the State competition. 


Seniors Jenna Baker and Dana Abdullah are announced as 2014 Illinois State Scholars - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Each year the Illinois State Scholar Program recognizes students for outstanding academic achievement. Approximately the top ten percent of graduates from approved high schools are announced as State Scholars each year. Students who qualify as an Illinois State Scholar perform in the top one-half of their high school class at the end of the third semester prior to graduation, and/or score in the 95th percentile on the ACT, SAT or Prairie State Achievement Exam. 


Aqsa Students receive Presidential Service Award for the Wells for Africa Water Project with Zakat F - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Students worked tirelessly over their summer break to raise over $10,000 to build 5 wells in Africa in an effort to bring clean water to areas affected by drought, floods or clean water contamination.  



Aqsa School Senior Sara Abdeljalil Opens Radio Islam Fundraising Dinner with Quran - Thursday, May 15, 2014

Aqsa School Senior Sara Abdeljalil Opens Radio Islam Fundraising Dinner with Quran. 


Religion and Arabic Department Head, Sit Laila El-Amin Honored with "Inspiring Muslim Woman" Award - Thursday, May 15, 2014

Each year the Muslim Women's Alliance asks its members and the Chicagoland community at-large to nominate women in their communities for the ‘Inspiring Musim Woman’ Award. Awardees are selected based on their commitment to serving those in need either locally or abroad, their dedication to increasing awareness about Islam and their commitment to MWA’s three cornerstones: Community Service, Philanthropy, and Personal Development. By honoring these women at the MWA annual lunch, MWA hopes to inspire members to become leaders in their own communities and use the three cornerstones to implement meaningful and positive change in their own lives as well as in the lives of others. - See more at:

Laila Muhammed El-Amin was born and raised in the east African nation of Sudan, where she earned two Bachelors of Science in Botany and Chemistry from the University of Khartoum. She and her husband moved to the United States in the late seventies. After earning her Master of Science in Biology from Chicago State University in 1985, Laila began her career at Aqsa School, the nation’s first all-girls Islamic school. Since starting at Aqsa in 1987 as an Arabic and Religion teacher, her role has expanded to include leadership duties, including being the assistant principal and an interim administration leader. Laila is a three-time recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award given by Who’s Who Among American High School Teachers and is currently the head of the Arabic and Religion departments at Aqsa School. For nearly 40 years, Laila has worked in propagating Islamic dawah among women since she herself was a young college student in Sudan. She lectures at mosques in both Arabic and English, teaches tajweed and hifz, and mentors young Muslim women. Laila is a member of the Orland Park-based group Zad Aduaa, which is comprised of women who give Islamic lectures for local communities and the main focus of her dawah work is empowering and supporting Muslim women. She currently lives in Orland Park and is the mother of two daughters, Thowaiba and Hind Makki. Many of Laila’s students credit her with being their role model, strengthening their faith and inspiring them to become leaders in the Muslim community. - See more at:


Aqsa School Brings Technology into the Classroom with New Promethean Boards and LCD's - Thursday, May 15, 2014

With the support of our generous donors and families, we were able to improve our technology use in the classroom by adding three new Promethean Smart Boards as well as new LCD's in classrooms. 


Community Service Day - Monday, April 28, 2014

On April 8th 2014 Aqsa School held its Annual Community Service Day. Each year the entire Junior High and High School disperse to different locations all across Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to serve the community. This year students volunteered at a total of 11 different locations including ASPIRE, Helping Hands, Community Support Services, Little Red Schoolhouse, Park Lawn School, Pillars, Birches, Manna Preschool, Manna Homeless Shelter, the Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn and the Ronald McDonald House at Loyola.


Students are able to put their faith into action by giving up their time to help other who are less fortunate. They were able to cook food for the homeless, provide comfort for women at a battered women’s shelter, read to preschoolers, spend time with elders in an assisted living home, clean institutions that provide care for the disabled and more.


At the end of the day a spiritual talk was given to help students reflect on their day. The reflections included the benefits on service to the community, but also how service benefits the soul. Aqsa School continues to encourage students to serve the community on a daily basis through simple acts of kindness to peers, teachers, parents and families. 


Career Day - Thursday, March 06, 2014

On Tuesday March 4, Aqsa School hosted a “Career Day” for High School students.  A panel of 11 Muslim American Women of different careers spoke to the students about their respective career and general advice about choosing a career and staying motivated to reach your goals.

The panel included journalists, broadcasting hosts for radio and television, a doctor, social worker, university professor in public health, accountant, speech pathologist, medical researcher, pharmacist, physician, chiropractor and a nurse. All members of the panel were very well experienced and had a wealth of knowledge about their particular field.

After a general speech by each member on the panel, the students were able to split up into small groups and have an intimate conversation with the representative of the careers of their choice.

Career day is an avenue for students to hear about prospective careers first hand from Muslim Women working in that field. Positive and negative experiences were shared along with tips to overcoming obstacles and figuring out what your passion is. We hope that this experience has broadened the perspectives of our students and provided additional motivation for success! 


Aqsa School 28th Annual Fundraising Gala is a Success! - Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Warm Vibes at the 28th Annual Aqsa School Fundraising Gala

On Saturday February 15th, Aqsa School hosted its 28th Annual Gala at the Belvedere Chateau. The hall was full with students, staff, families, partnering organizations, alumni, and supportive community members. 

Sister Hind Makki enlightened the audience with her stories of the Prophet (pbuh) and his companions and how they transfer to our school and community.  Some of the many accomplishments of Aqsa School students were highlighted throughout the dinner in videos and student presentations.  Of course, the entire night would not have been possible without all of the generous supporters of Aqsa School.

The principle of giving your time and effort to others, which has been engrained in Aqsa students from the inception of the school, lives on today, and was demonstrated by the diligent and dependable student volunteers helping the whole program run smoothly. From babysitting, to collecting donations, to running our silent auction, to registration, we could not have implemented such a successful event without our beloved students! In addition to the students, the Aqsa School Mother’s Club, once again, put in a great amount of time and effort to help plan and implement this successful and blessed dinner.

Aqsa School honored Mr. Khalil Demir, Executive Director of Zakat Foundation, with the “Friends of Aqsa School” Award for his dedication to Aqsa School and the community.  Ms. Omaima Yousef, teacher at Aqsa School, was also recognized for recipient of the “Teacher of the Year” Award. The Aqsa staff is made up of dedicated and compassionate teachers who work diligently to give nothing short of their best effort in educating our youth. Every single teacher goes above and beyond the expectations of an ordinary teacher, and this year, Ms. Omaima Yousef was voted teacher of the year for her genuine character, enduring willingness to help, and her consistent hard work that she has shown throughout her 14 years at Aqsa School!

The Aqsa School community is looking forward to another group of motivated girls to go off to college, and a new year filled with many more accomplishments to celebrate! Aqsa School is extremely grateful for the loyal supporters who have made all of this possible. 


Cyber Bullying Information Seminar - Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cyber Bully Information Seminar

On Wednesday January 22nd, Aqsa School hosted a Cyber Bullying Seminar to inform students and parents on Internet safety and rights.  Guest speaker, Melissa Hemzacek, Internet Safety Specialist within the High Tech Crime Bureau of the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, gave parents practical advise on how to keep their children safe on the internet, and informed students on having proper etiquette online, netiquette, and how to be a better digital citizen.

The session provided a wealth of information on safety, privacy, and legal rights on the Internet. Ms. Hemzacek explained in depth the amount of information that is shared with the public from just a single post that is made to a social media website. An eye-opening lecture probing many questions from the audience surely has given the students and parents a more developed understanding of the Internet and how to be a safer, and smarter digital citizen.  


Aqsa School Hosts Annual College Day - Monday, October 28, 2013

Aqsa School’s Annual College Day

Every year, Aqsa School hosts a College Day in which various colleges and universities send representatives who introduce the school, answer any questions, and serve as a resource for our 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. This year, on Wednesday, October 23rd, all three grades participated in this event to learn more about these schools, familiarize themselves with the college application process, explore majors and programs, and much more! We were lucky to have Twelve Schools come out to our event this year including American Islamic College, Benedictine University, Columbia College, Elmhurst College, Illinois Institute of Technology, Illinois Wesleyan University,  Loyola University Chicago, Northwest Suburban College, Saint Xavier University,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois at Chicago, and The University of Chicago. The students prepared for this exciting day by thinking of questions they would like to ask such as those related to majors and programs, admission requirements, and school size and diversity.  This year’s event was a huge success, and we hope that our students had most of their questions answered and had some fun along the way!


Elementary Students Make Mock Pilgrimage to Mecca! - Thursday, October 24, 2013

On Thursday October 10th, Aqsa School’s elementary department from pre-k to 5th grade participated in the annual Mock Hajj program. Each year the elementary department develops a Mock Hajj program to demonstrate the rituals that go along with Hajj. Students and staff worked diligently for weeks leading up to the big day. At such a young age, students are able to develop a meaningful understanding of one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. Students get to work hands-on in creating the layout of Hajj and can actually walk through the process of Hajj in this mock environment.

Parents and family members filled the room eager to watch their children perform the Mock Hajj. It was a fun and engaging program for the students to learn and understand the Islamic tradition of Hajj. The Elementary Religion department is very proud of all the hard work put in by the students and the successful outcome of the program. 


50% off of Tuition - Thursday, August 15, 2013

50% off of tuition for incoming Jr High and High School Students with a 3.5 GPA or higher

50% off of tuition for incoming 4th and 5th grade boys



Highlights and Accomplishments of the 2012-2013 School Year - Saturday, August 31, 2013

AP (Advanced Placement) classes that Aqsa School offers - Sunday, August 04, 2013

This year Aqsa is offering AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Literature,  and new this year 2 new ones- AP Comparative Government and AP US Government. 

We alternate courses so next year we will also offer: AP US History, AP composition

We have offered AP Environmental Science in the past 

AQSA School Wins $50,000 through the US Cellular Competition - Friday, November 30, 2012
AQSA School Wins $50,000 through the US Cellular Competition read more ...