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Board of Trustees:

Board of Directors:



 Mr. Tawfik Nassar (Abu Alaa):     

Born: in Barbara, Palestine 1937 (Near Gaza but Occupied since 1948)

Father of 3 Aqsa graduates: Maha, Ida, Salma

Also father of Alaa who is Married to Dalia ( Parents of Omar and Janna)

Married to: Khawla Dajani

One of Aqsa Founders

Ex Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Holds Two Degrees in: Structural And Civil Engineering

Ran a Construction / Homebuilding Company for 35 years

Currently Retired


 Mr. Rouhy Shalabi:

Rouhy Shalabi has served Aqsa School as a member of the Board of Directors for 20 years.

He is an attorney and past president, co-founder and current

Board member with the Arab American Bar

Association of Illinois, Commissioner with the

Chicago Park District, Commissioner Human

Relations Commission, served as Chairman of Arab

Advisory Council, executive board member with

AMVOTE-PAC, first Arab American political action

committee in Illinois, USAID consultant on legal

affairs in Palestine, president of two local school

concils. Three of his daughters are Aqsa alumni
  Mr. Tawfik Nassar

  Mr. Salem Akras

  Mr. Muhammed Atieh

  Mr. Shafiq Diab

  Mr. Adeeb Abu Shariff

  Dr. Mahmoud Ismail

 Dr. Mahmoud Ismail: 

Dr. Mahmoud Ismail is one of the founders and a

trustee of Aqsa School. He currently serves as

professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the

Pritzker School of Medicine University of Chicago.

He is a member of multiple national and

international organizations. Dr. Ismail’s three

daughters are graduates of Aqsa School and all

four of his granddaughters currently attend Aqsa.


 Dr. Raied Abdullah:

Dr. Abdullah has been a member of the Aqsa

School Board of Directors since 2009. He is a

Nephrologist affiliated with the University of

Indiana Medical School and has been in practice

in Northwest Indiana for 16 years. He does clinical

research for the prevention of kidney disease.

He has one daughter currently attending Aqsa,

a daughter who graduated from Aqsa and attending IIT, and two sons who

attended the elementary school.

 Mr. Faysal Mohamed:

Mr. Mohamed is a longstanding member of the Aqsa School’s Board of Trustees. He is a

Mechanical Engineer and graduated from the

University of Illinois. He is the founder of Ara Wide

Property Management and development. He is an

active member of the Arab American Engineers

Association, ADC, the ABPA. His daughter, Rana,

is a graduate of Aqsa School and has been the

school’s business manager for 16 years. His two

granddaughters currently attend Aqsa.         

  Mr. Zahdan Elzahdan:

Zahdan ELZahdan is currently the Vice-President of

Global Accounts at BUNN. He has been a member

of the Aqsa School Board of Directors since 2009.

He currently has one daughter attending Aqsa and

a daughter who graduated from Aqsa in 2013 and currently attending IIT.

His wife, Lina, is a former Mothers Club President and currently an active member.

   Dr. Abdallah Shuaibi:

Dr. Abdallah Shuaibi is an Associate Professor of

Mathematics and the Chairman of Mathematics

Department at Truman College [One of the City

Colleges of Chicago] and he is an Adjunct

Professor at DePaul University. He has a Ph.D. in

Applied Mathematics from Kent State University in

Ohio and two Master degrees in pure and applied

Mathematics. He has been a board member and an

executive member at Mosque Foundation. He has

given several teacher development workshops in

schools in our community.