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  • We are here to contribute in a positive manner, our time and our efforts for the sake of Allah (SWT) and for the sake of our children and their education. May He (SWT) accept our efforts- Ameen.
  • Be proud of yourself and what you do for your school. It takes a special person to be selfless of themselves.
  • You are making a difference in the betterment of your child's education and school environment when you donate your time and your efforts.
  • Mothers’ club is a volunteer based organization. There are no paid positions or any form of compensation, all members generously dedicate their time hoping that they may make a positive difference and that Allah (SWT) may be pleased with them (Ameen).
  • Let everybody knows how great Aqsa School is and how much we love it. Go to and to the far right type in Aqsa and choose IL from the drop down button. It will show you Aqsa School ’s rating. Click on the star and it will let you type in your own rating
  • Visit Aqsa School Website, or email us at and give us your feedback about Mothers’ Club.