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In partnership, the Mothers’ Club and our wonderful parent and community volunteers have raised throughout the years funds to accomplish school facility and program enhancements and school community outreach. 

Built and renovated: 

  • Library Front office Science labs
  • Computer Lab 

 Purchased or contributed to funding for: 

  • Lunchroom counter/warmer 
  • Trophy case 
  • Technology enhancements to improve classroom learning including mounted LCD projectors, new laptops and computers, enhancements to wireless connection, tablets and Chromebooks, and software upgrades 
  • Three–tier stage for the multi-purpose room 
  • New playground and play court 

School Program Enhancements

  • Junior Achievement Program 
  • The fulfillment of the teachers’ wish list 
  • Mothers' Club Scholarship 
  • Uniform Recycling  School 

Community Outreach Hosted:

  • Eid Gift Shop 
  • Daddy & Me (Baba Wa Ana) 
  • Hajj Dinner Mother & Child Swim Day 
  • International Food Fest & Bazaar 
  • Fashion Show  
  • Family Breakfast 
  • Bake-a-thon 
  • Mothers’ Tea Time 
  • Teachers and Staff Appreciation 
  • Luncheon Friday Food 
  • Bake Sale 
  • “Taste of Aqsa” monthly hot lunch 
  •  Superhero Reading Night